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Our luxury salon is an extension of our concierge bridal business, Vanity Pham, which opened 10 years ago in San Francisco. With close to 500 blushing brides and thousands of satisfied clients who have been in our care, we are excited to open our boutique salon in Bellevue, WA. We offer our expertise in lash extensions, permanent makeup, hair removal, natural nail care and makeup artistry.

Our Stylists

Sr Stylist
Chante comes from a medical background as a phlebotomist. She easily transitioned into doing eyelash extensions as she already possessed the skills to be meticulous, accurate, steady handed, and gentle from years of working as a clinical lab assistant. She enjoys being in the beauty industry where she gets to be creative! Her growing list of travel includes: Miami, Jamaica, Cancun, Vegas, and North Carolina. After an adventurous day with her two boys, she likes to unwind with a glass of wine and a good crime drama or UFC fight!
Jr Stylist
Dawn is a jack of all trades! She is an expert bridal make-up artist, barber, hairstylist, costume designer, photographer, fantasy make-up extraordinaire, Instagram influencer, Disney fanatic, oh, and lash stylist! Her favorite way to relax is enjoying a box of popcorn and the reclining seats at the latest released movie. When not at the salon, Dawn is either planning for or enjoying herself at all the different Disney resorts.
Jr Stylist
Alice recently moved to Bellevue from sunny southern California, where she spent many years as a lash stylist. She is known for her specialized skill of speed lashing, easily beating out everyone’s time at the salon. Alice enjoys spending time with friends attending church, grill outs, and camping.
Jr Stylist
Madeline is a licensed cosmetologist who first fell into the beauty industry through the bustling route of hairstyling. Now, she enjoys the tranquil environment of our private lash rooms. Growing up in a small quiet town, Madeline is now a city woman! She spends most of her time in busy downtown Seattle with friends.
Sr Stylist
Tu is a licensed esthetician with an expertise in sugaring and eyelash extensions. After trying many different careers paths, she chose the beauty industry as she enjoys helping clients achieve their goals of being happy and healthy. Tu enjoys traveling and hiking, recently doing a week long hike across Arizona’s most iconic views with friends. She also enjoys the many different authentic cuisines she gets to experience while traveling.
Salon Owner
Van is stylist with a strong background in bridal and pageant makeup artistry. But her passion lies in the art of working with people – in any capacity. She loves training and mentoring new stylists. And she loves hearing from clients, both the praises and the criticism. Salon owner and mom of four, she believes you must prioritize taking care of yourself in addition to taking care of others.
Nail Stylist
Sammy is a nail stylist by day, medical coding student by night! She spent many years managing nail salons all over the country before deciding to enter the medical world. Sammy is known for her cheerful chatter that brightens up any room. Proud daughter of restauranteurs, Sammy likes to cook new recipes and brings it to the salon to share with everyone.
Nail Stylist
Jenny comes from a medical background as a medical assistant, assisting in opthalmic surgeries. She loves dressing up and participating in all beauty procedures! Jenny possess the hidden talent of singing like an angel! Her weekends are spent practicing and performing with her church choir.
Jr Stylist
Jayde recently moved to Washington from Beaverton, Oregon where she specialized in lashes and nail services. However, she was born and raised in Vietnam. She loves being in the beauty industry because of the constant changes in techniques, technologies, products, and trends. She feels she can never get bored! Her goal this year is to get outdoors more: hike, explore, and travel. She also wants to read more books and learn how to cook!

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