Andreana’s Wedding Highlights!

Photos: Chrisman Studios
Makeup: Van Pham (me!)
Hair: Lela Nguyen for Vanity Pham

From the trial Andreana was very clear about what she wanted. She was very particular and we were so happy to have been able to execute her dream look!

Then I saw her wedding photos and was STUNNED at all the gorgeous details and decorations. Her perfectionalism  (I made up my own word!) really paid off and it showed. Her wedding looked like such a dream. I could not help but ooooh and aaaaaah over the finer touches.

I love this photo! The lighting right on Andreana is so perfect and the background really screams San Francisco!

Andreana wanted her hair to be full and voluminous with a large braid framing her face.

Her makeup was very clean and photographed beautifully.  The amount of rouge and pink on her lips is so perfect, very blushing bride!

Everyone fussing over the bride. This photo is just so cute!

More fussing over the bride. I love this photo, Andreana just looks so radiant and glowing! Mom looks glamorous too, with the help of artist Jenny (also working for Vanity Pham).

This is probably my favorite photo of the bunch. You can’t get a more genuine happiness smile than this!

Andreana was gorgeous with her hair both up and down! Artist Lela came back to restyle her hair and said that by evening Andreana’s makeup was still beautifully in place without a smudge!

I love this photo with them walking away. The perfect ending photo imo 🙂