Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume Eyelash Extensions

We are introducing the VOLUME lash extensions technique into our salon starting this month.  Below are photos of the same set of eyes without lashes, a classic full set, and a volume full set.


With a classic set of extensions, one extension hair is applied per one natural eyelash. So if you have 100 hairs per eye, we will give you 100 extended lashes. With volume extensions, we can add 2 -…

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Sister Sister

We instantly fell in love with our bride and her sister when we first met them at the trial appointment. The bride’s sister had done all the research and emailing prior to the first meeting, she definitely deserved the Maid Of Honor award! As if that wasn’t cute enough, at the trial they actually called each other “sister!” They were very honest about what they liked and didn’t like but at the same time very positive and encourage. Oh how I wish I had an older or younger sister growing up!

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Eyelash Extensions!

Our client has short auburn lashes that she coats in mascara everyday to help make her eyes appear bigger and more awake. She was very excited to come in for her first set of eyelash extensions.

We chose to sizes that were not too dramatic for our first time client. But the extensions were longer, thicker, darker, and had a beautiful curl to help open up our client’s eyes.

She loved them, we…

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