Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume Eyelash Extensions

We are introducing the VOLUME lash extensions technique into our salon starting this month.  Below are photos of the same set of eyes without lashes, a classic full set, and a volume full set.


With a classic set of extensions, one extension hair is applied per one natural eyelash. So if you have 100 hairs per eye, we will give you 100 extended lashes. With volume extensions, we can add 2 – 6 extensions hair per natural eyelash. So if you have 100 hairs per eye, we can give you 200 – 600 extended lashes. Talk about volume and fullness. This is perfect for clients who have very sparse eyelashes and still want it to look natural or for clients who already have a lot of eyelashes but want extremely glamorous falsie-looking eyelash extensions.

The lashes used for a volume set is much thinner and lighter than what we use for a classic set, so they feel lighter and softer. You are still able to comb through your lashes and your natural lashes will continue to grow out normally.

We love both set! Let us know which set  is the right one for you!