Vanity Pham Salon

We are highly sought after for eyebrows that are symmetrical, tapered, and gorgeously arched. With a strong background in corrective makeup, we design eyebrows that give lift to the face, frame the eyes, and improve overall beauty while taking into consideration your natural brow hairs and bone structure. We give definition to eyebrows that are natural sparse or over-tweezed.

Our eyebrow tattooing procedure is surface work on the skin, allowing the eyebrows to look soft and powdery. We use fast acting anesthetics to keep the hour long procedure comfortable. The tattoos fade over time, allowing us to touch-up and make changes as needed.

There is a one week healing period, during which the eyebrows will soften, lighten, and shrink. We wait one month to do a final touch-up to correct any unevenness or chipping of the eyebrows. All eyebrows will heal differently depending on the client’s unique body chemistry and lifestyle. That is why all new eyebrows are booked in a series of 2 appointments.


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