Horrifying Post

Another makeup artist and I were talking about how sometimes professional blogs can get so boring because everything we write is so fine and dandy. We try to keep everything as PC as possible so we do not offend anyone, which is nice but results in people glazing over our seemingly perfectly nice life. So to mix it up, instead of posting my usual happy-go-lucky post, this one will be HORRIFYING. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉

All makeup by: Van Pham for Fright Fest circa Halloween 2011

Arggggggggh matey, was it hard to get that seaweed off?

Dun. Dun. Dun…..

My boss when he’s mad! Because I forgot to airbrush his finger.. hehe.

You right now, no?
Hehe this is actually one of my most talented co-workers EVER. Mr. Sweets is your man for all things horrifying.