Little Cottage in the Woods

Planning: Elsa Vera
Photography: Megan Clouse
Getting Ready Gown: Plum Pretty Sugar
Wedding Gown: Lee-Ann Belter
Hair: Betten Chaston
Makeup: Vanity Pham with the help of artist Jenny Do


etting the ladies ready in the morning!

One of just our beautiful bridesmaids. We LOVED their robes, so comfy and cute!

A close-up of our bride in her white silk robe right before she puts on her wedding gown. I had met our bride a full two years before her wedding date for her trial. In between, she moved across the country and started a new life. So when I finally saw her again the morning of her wedding, it felt like I was embracing an old friend! We had so much to catch up on!

After getting ready, the ladies stopped for a photo op before heading to the ceremony.

The inspiration for this blog title: the inn where the bridal party was getting ready felt like a cottage in the magical woods. Our bride sure looks magical! Love! <3