MakeUpForEver Road Show!

One of my favorite makeup brands, MakeUpForEver is doing a Pro Road Show across the United States. Last weekend they made a stop in San Francisco. Free classes and professional discount shopping?! Too good of a deal to pass up!

Some of my favorite products from MakeUpForEver include their pencil Aqua Eye, HD foundation, and Duo Mat Powder. Their Aqua pencil does not smudge or run, even in the water line! The color is intense an just once over is more than enough to glamour up any set of eyes! The Duo Mat powder is my everyday powder, helping me to cover redness but keeping my makeup light and natural as if I weren’t wearing any!

We sat in on Erica Carr’s “Water Proofing Your Makeup” class. Actually, we stood as we had to for all the classes we attended. All the seats were packed!

Then we did some major shopping in their show room. My arms were COVERED in color swatches from trying out all their products! My favorite steal of the day were some soft brush holders called “Dany Pouches.” I love my beautiful acrylic brush holders but this new brush holder are perfect for when I am an artist on the go!

Great stuff! But boy were we famished.

We went down to the temporary cafe at the W Hotel for some lunch and complimentary creme brulee!

After lunch we went upstairs for one more round of shopping and classes. I think my favorite part of the day was running into all my makeup artists friends, including new ones I know from online forums but have not met in person.

Saying goodbye to the MakeUpForEver Pro Road Show with my shopping bad filled with new makeup supplies! I hope they come back every year!

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