Rebecca’s Engagement & Wedding Highlights

I thought I had been in a really long LDR at 3 years. But I was shocked to find out Rebecca has been in an LDR for 13 years! Yet, when they’re together you can hardly tell they’ve been apart for even a day. I’ve had a great time getting to know the two during the Bridal Trial, Engagement Photo Shoot, and of course the Wedding Day.

I haven’t seen their wedding photos yet but Ingrid of Jerry Yoon Photography has been so kind to send me a slideshow of their engagement photo shoot.

Here are some of my favorite close up pictures of Rebecca! We did a very soft and romantic look for her Engagement Shoot with shades of gold and pink . I can’t wait to show you her Wedding Day look, smokey plums 🙂







This is such a cute photo!

I also have an emotional wedding day video shared with me from Alex of IQVideography!

My favorite part is when Rebecca walks up to him during their first look, he turns around and says, “Wow. Oh my God.. yea, you look beautiful.” So sweet! <3

I hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve met some wonderful new clients this week and can’t wait until the 2012 wedding season. But first, time for me to go on vacation 😀