Wedding in the Land Down Under

I was blessed with cousins who live in the Land Down Under and had a romantic beach wedding at the famous Byron Bay. To be honest, I was never one for beach weddings (think wind and sand! Yikes!) but Jenny’s wedding definitely changed my mind. I mean, can you get any more personal than your loved ones all barefoot on the beach listening to you exchange vows amongst a soft breeze? LOVE <3

Photographs: and Jenny’s friends & family
Bride Makeup & Hairstyling: Yours truly

Nice healthy hair! And nice healthy extensions! I’m revealing all my secrets! 8oX

Piece by piece,  I pin the hair into a super chic side low up do.
That’s the last bride in the family looking on. She must think I’m a traitor, working on other brides and all. Haha.

What I lugged from San Francisco, CA, USA around the world to Byron Bay, Australia. It’s a lot of work okay!? I gotta show it off 😀

Putting on the final touches for Jenny’s tea ceremony look.

So breathtakingly beautiful. Or as Jenny puts it, “So divine.”
We changed her lip colors to a nude/pink to coordinate with her flowing white dress for the beach ceremony.

Forget the blushing bride, this one is all laughs!

I guess chasing seagulls is a popular activity anywhere in the world. At any age. On any day 🙂

With her ladies, also in beautiful flowing dresses.

So romantic. I think this is his favorite picture. It’s currently his FB profile picture!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jenny. Why? It’s taken in the middle of the night at the hotel pool where the bride held an impromptu pool party. She went in, dress, makeup, hair and all. Makeup is water resistant? CHECK! If she can jump in the pool and still look like this, any bride can tear joyfully and still look flawless!