Welcome to the new Vanity Pham website!

Hello Friends,

I am super excited to introduce you to my new website! My favorite thing about this new home is that my blog is right here on the front page so you can easily check in with what’s going on with Vanity Pham!

Please be kind while I am still working out the last few bugs and putting the finishes touches on this new home. I would love to hear feedback from you. I hope you find this new website easy to navigate and very informative. As always, I am happy to answer any questions!

Have a great start to a great weekend! It’s going to be busy for me. I will start off the weekend with a beautiful bride to makeup & style hair for. Then I will be representing A-List Makeup Team as an official judge for the National American Miss pageant this weekend. I was asked to judge because the committee was seeking specifically for a seasoned hair & makeup artist to join their judging panel. I’m no stranger to the pageant world but this will be my first time participating as a judge. I am very excited! I will try to take as many great photos as I can and will write about my experience once I return.

Signing out! 🙂

Van Pham