White Gloves

Photos: Kevin Chin Photography
Wedding Planner: Joyce Becker of  http://www.eventsofdistinction.com/
Venue: Carneros Inn
Featured in: StyleMePretty wedding blog
Bridal Hair & Makeup Styling: Vanity Pham with the help of artist Penney Do

Starting off her day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and soft glowing makeup.

Who doesn’t want to be fussed over from head to toe by their most loved ladies? 🙂

I love pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids. Everyone flew in from Japan for the wedding so there was somewhat of a language barrier.  But in the end everyone was happy with their styles. Luckily a smile and laughter can be understood across all languages.

Black and white photos are so romantic. I decided to name this blog “White Gloves” because it’s rare now a days that brides wear long white gloves. But they looked so lovely on our bride. Such old school class!

A snap shot of her beautiful up-do sitting perfectly underneath her veil.

This picture for me brings back memories 🙂  Carneros Inn has courtyards filled with apple trees, from which I snacked on while waiting to do a touch-up appointment on our bride. The apples were perfectly tart and sweet.

I always end with a walking away picture. Seems so suiting, no? 🙂